imagined, then realised.

blonde. is a minimalist jewellery label still operating from its humble beginnings at a bedroom desk and front-yard garage in Sydney, Australia. We continue to hand design, craft, assemble and finish all pieces personally to ensure a final product that feels as individual as it looks.

We're often asked about the origin of name ‘blonde.’ To us, it represents a point of transition. Before dying your hair a new colour, it’s customary to begin by bleaching it blonde. This process strips the hair to its essence, priming it for change and preparing it for something more interesting.

As a brand, we want blonde. to embody a similar point of transition in the lives of others, catalysing change between their current state and something more interesting.

In a different way blonde. has already acted as that point of transition in our own story. Serving as a turning point between the prospect
of mundane a full-time work and the realisation our dream jobs – this.

All blonde. jewellery is made exclusively from solid Sterling Silver 925 and 9ct Gold to deliver quality, long-lasting pieces without compromise.

We're also firm believers in contributing to a more sustainable environment. As such, our jewellery is made almost exclusively from recycled metals, all off-cuts are re-used, the little packaging we do use is produced from environmentally friendly materials and shipping is carbon-offset.